Staging Tips To Sell Your Home

Thinking about selling your home? If so, it may be time to get a few tools and the paint brush out. By making a few cosmetic changes you can easily make your home more attractive to a potential buyer. Here are a few tips in home staging that will assist in making your home as attractive and appealing as possible.

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  1. First Impressions are First Priority

    An attractive exterior makes a potential buyer feel warm and fuzzy even before they enter your home. Make sure the front door is painted and clean, lawn and hedges trimmed, flower beds weeded and yard debris kept to a minimum.

  2. Decorate that Interior

    It is a good idea to paint or touch up all walls and any worn woodwork. The key is to show the potential buyer how the home will look and not having them just simply guess. By making sure the walls and trim are looking good, a quicker sale with a higher offer will result.

  3. Mr. Clean

    A clean home with sparkling windows and floors will have your home looking its best.

  4. Small Adjustments

    Make sure to adjust any sticking drawers or loose doorknobs etc. These will be noticed by a potential buyer or a home inspector.

  5. High to Low

    Removing all clutter and any unnecessary items that have accumulated will help display the full range of your storage and utility space.

  6. Cut Closet Clutter

    By simply making sure clothes are properly hung, and shoes, ties, and other articles are neatly organized, your closets will appear more spacious and useable.

  7. Light the Way

    By turning on all lights before a showing allows the potential buyer to feel welcome and gives the home an inviting and warm feeling.

  8. Wall to Wall

    Clean, fresh carpet is appealing to a potential buyer and will help show that your home has been well cared for. A professional carpet cleaning company can help to make sure your carpets are looking good. If in fact your carpet has considerable wear it may be wise to simply consider a carpet allowance which will allow a new buyer to pick their particular color. If not possible, consider a neutral color.

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