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I was very fortunate to have found Cathie before I PCS’d to the area. I was very young and had never rented or purchased a home before. I was also in the middle of my first PCS. Cathie bent over backwards to help my wife find our first home. She took great care of us and was with us everyt step of the way. She is very passionate about what she does and makes sure that her clients get only the best. I have bought two homes through Cathie and she manages my rental and have never had anything but the best service from her and her team. Thanks Cathie!

Nathaniel Singh

Cathie is an outstanding Real Estate Agent, she helped my husband and I purchase our first home, and she went above and beyond to help us. If you are looking for an Agent, look no further! Cathie is helpful, resourceful, knowledgeable, professional, and a complete joy to work with!


Ashley Singh

Dear Ms. Richards,

As you are aware, I am a 64 year old single woman who wanted nothing more than to live closer to her grandchildren. You almost single handedly made that happen for me.

I was living in Michigan with a very busy work schedule and started looking for houses in the Augusta area on line.  I then picked a realtor out of the many available to assist me in my search.  Not only did you assist me, Cathie, you did EVERYTHING for me and held my hand the entire way through to closing.

Never in my life would I have imagined that anyone could buy a house online, sight unseen until closing, Cathie, but with you as a realtor, it was very easily and comfortably done.

I am eternally grateful; Cathie and I already have new business for you as my Son and his Wife were very impressed.  You truly are my realtor for life!

Thanks again!

Jillene M. Katz


I just want to extend my deepest gratitude; for you have done my family and myself a great service…I want you to know this…even though you might think you are just doing your job, for us you have done far more than that, you have enable a soldiers family dream come through and that in my book is priceless. If there is anything I can do for you in the future don’t hesitate to call as you know where I live. I will be at your service…Gracias muchas departe de toda mi familia…



I am Petty Officer Francy LeGault and I bought a house in Augusta, GA this April. This is how I know Miss Cathie Richards. I started finding about houses and the market in GA almost a good year before I actually arrived (you know how getting orders can be) and I did the whole process except for the closing via email and Cathie was with me every step of the way. She answered every question very quickly and I never had any surprises.

Cathie worked well above and beyond and was very understanding about my situation- shopping and buying a house all through the internet and that I am a first time buyer. She told me about the neighborhoods, she explained any terms I didn’t understand, sent lots of listings and kept in touch when my I was put on hold for additional training and had to set my arrival date in GA back by a few months. I never once even thought about talking another agent.

To further recommend Cathie, I can tell you that I forwarded all her emails to me (and the contracts that followed when I finally picked a house) to a former superior of mine who has a lot of experience buying houses. From her very first email he told me that she sounded perfect, very trustworthy and knowledgeable, and was very pleased with her continuing emails. He said to me that I hit the jackpot with her. I wholeheartedly agree. And lastly, when I arrived in GA a few days ahead of schedule, she was able to move my closing date up, so I moved in sooner than expected, and who wouldn’t want that?

I am more than pleased with my experience with Cathie and cannot recommend her enough. My house buying was easier than any other PCS transfer that I have had yet.



Petty Officer Francy LeGault

To whom it may concern,

This letter is in regards to the selling of our home at 939 Hunting Horn Way, Evans, GA. last month. In 1993, Cathie Richards, one of your finest agents sold me my home in Bridlewood. Even back then I can remember her zeal and great efforts to ensure that my move was as smooth as possible. I could not have been more pleased. Little did I know that she would be my real estate agent again some fourteen years later.

Some time in early June of this year (2007)&,my husband and I were looking at homes — just looking (mind you), and lo and behold there was a house that had her name and picture on the for sale sign that we wanted to look at. We had to set up an appointment with her to see it. That’s how the ball started to roll. The first thing we needed to do, of course was sell our home and I really had no idea what we should ask for it.

Cathie was sitting at our kitchen table and she told us that we would have to repaint, recarpet, refloor the kitchen and bathrooms, put laminate flooring in the foyer before we could even think about listing our house. By the time she left our house that night I was about ready to call the whole thing off and just stay put. THAT JUST SOUNDED LIKE TOO MUCH WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I knew she was right when she said that was the only way we stood a chance of getting our asking price which was a whopping $189,900.00 Even if we did all of the remodeling my husband was a little doubtful at first that we could get full price.

It took a little over 2 weeks to get everything done that she asked. She even helped us out a lot by hooking us up with some people she knew to expedite all the remodeling.

Amazingly once the house went on the market, she would sometimes show it two to three times a day. All of that inconvenience of having to have it “ready at all times” paid off when we got her phone call that said “I HAVE A LADY WHO IS READY TO MAKE AN OFFER” . Her offer was $189,900.00. All it took was 10 days!!!! A lot of prayer!!! And a FANTASTIC REALTOR!!!

We recommend Cathie Richards to anyone who is trying to buy or sell property. She will definitely amaze you with her results.


Angie and Jerry McLaughlin

I met Cathie Richards in 2003 when I was moving to the August Area, luck of the draw:)I’ve purchased 9 properties and sold 3 properties through her and she has always exceeded my expectations. I recently purchased a property in Florida (not Cathie’s area) and I was very disappointed by the service of another realtor. … However, after reflection I realized that I have very high expectations that Cathie created over the years. Cathie has really spoiled me over the years with her TOP NOTCH professionalism, passion, integrity, negotiation skills, service, etc. Thank you Cathie!

John Orlando

This email is being sent to you as a testimony for my first home buying experience….

Even though I started this with a “blind eye” in Iraq, everything turned out great!

My realtor (Cathie Richards) and Loan Processor (Frank Lee) were great to work with. At no point did they hide any thing from me, try to trick me or mislead me at all. They were very honest and straight forward with the whole process; they ALWAYS had my best interest in my mind. I was very impressed with their patients with me as the two of you know how much of a “meticulous individual” I am. LOL!

Whether building or renting a home, purchasing a new vehicle or whatever….Give the two of them (CC’d) a chance to take care of you….Southern Hospitality at its finest!



Eric Bell Eric V Jr


Ms. Richards was recommended to my husband, Dr. Harrison Baucom, by another realtor. While on rotations he was investigating possible candidates for our potential residency locations. Once we found out that we were coming to Augusta my husband contacted Ms. Richards and got the ball rolling.

Ms. Richards was not only helpful but professional. She took the time to learn what we needed from a house, for our family, financial parameters, etc. However she also cared what we wanted in a home. This was our first home buying experience and it was great! Ms. Richards educated us each step of the way, but also allowed us to form our own opinions regarding the homes we saw. She was available via email or phone any time we had a question, concern or issue no matter how insignificant it was she always assisted us in finding our answers. We both would recommend her to friends or family and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.



Dr. & Mrs. Harrison Baucom

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